Let’s give Trump a welcome he will never forget …

A new website is being developed here in preparation for the State Visit of The President of the United States of America. We do not yet know when that will be, but it seems extremely likely that it will take place even though well over million people have petitioned the government to cancel the invitation. The usual stream of flunky MPs have been sent to the BBC to say that it is impossible for it to be rescinded and that seems to be that. Barring the lady doing some turning, it looks as if we are stuck with Trump’s triumphal procession through the streets of London … but all is not lost. Take heart and join us in the following suggestion.

On the day of Trump’s visit to Buckingham Palace, others have already started planning a protest. That’s a good thing but sometimes protests can be a bit disjointed and can also lead to police intervention. So we struck on the idea of providing a theme for the protest to ‘welcome’ the President. The exact venue is to be decided later but clearly it’s going to be in London and on a route that Trump will take in his presidential gas-guzzler. The theme is a Mexican street fiesta so that we can all enjoy ourselves. Possibilities include fancy dress, such as wearing Mexican clothing, even sombreros, and waving Mexican flags will be the order of the day. Those who wish to do something else can take up an alternative, such as wearing a Barack Obama mask or any other show of disrespect to this odious misogynist. Placards saying things like ¡Bienvenido Obama! would be both hilarious and provocative. All the president will see is Mexican clothes, sombreros, flags and masses of Barack Obama faces looking at him. We are hoping that Mexican Mariachi bands will come to play music and entertain us and it would be great if some sousaphone players could come along and play some appropriate pieces – we like the idea of ‘Nelly The Elephant’ with a crowd chorus of ‘Chump Chump Chump’! We are also looking at the potential involvement of the broadcast media in this theme to extend it far and wide.

Trump has been vile to Mexico and its people so we feel that the great British public should show some solidarity with the marvellous Mexicans and blow a metaphorical raspberry at Trump on his big day. It is our opportunity to publicly humiliate him and worldwide too!

This is very much a project in planning. This website will be expanded to include articles focusing on the Mexican theme. An email address will soon be provided here.